Attalus Attalus

With a stellar track record in the industry, we’re a team of experts that combines trust and professionalism to bring absolute safety, comfort, and advice to each and every one of our clients.

We’ve built a reputation on five continents through unrelenting work ethic, passion, and expertise, cementing our place in the high-end security field thanks to repeated and sustained success with past and current clients.

While many security providers fail to blend their services with customer care, we make both central to our operations, ensuring every client feels safe, but also feels comfortable with us at all times. To back it up, we employ a minimum disruption policy, allowing our clients to focus on their business without interruption.

For over a decade, the Attalus management team has been completely focused on building a service our clients can count on. We’ve dedicated their time, passion, and unique skill-sets to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of others. It’s a philosophy the company lives by – and one that’s yielded repeat success in the industry.

In addition to our security services, we provide our clients with luxury lifestyle concierge services, covering travel, events, luxury retail, and much more. When it comes to security providers with global capabilities, Attalus leads the way.

Mission Statement

“To provide world-class security services support to every client, making them feel safe, secure, and comfortable at all times. To use our skills, expertise, and ethics learned over decades to go above and beyond for clients, tailoring our service around their needs, values, and lifestyles.”

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to deliver an unparalleled, bespoke service to our clients, whatever that entails. Our job is to take security off your mind, leaving you calm and focused.

The Attalus Founders have blended their skill-sets to put together a security management company that operates around the world, protecting and advising world leaders, royal families, and A-list celebrities. Through outstanding leadership, diligence, and respect for the client’s needs, they’ve positioned Attalus as a unique company, one that combines the rigorous expertise required for security with a willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate each and every client. To discuss your security needs, and to find out what gives Attalus the edge over our competition.

Thanks to our global network Attalus provides a wide range of services anywhere in the world.

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