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Our event and hotel security service is comprehensive and versatile, ranging from general event security, where we can ensure only invitees gain entrance, to specialist close protection for high profile guests.

We’re totally flexible, ready to bring our reliable, professional approach and meld it with your own exact needs. If you need visible protection, no problem. If discrete is more effective, we’re equally comfortable. Like all of our services, our event and hotel security is designed to fit you, not the other way round. Your comfort and safety is our priority.

That said, our service goes far beyond hard security. We can help you understand and adhere to all required health and safety codes, and provide first-aid trained operatives to man your event. We also maintain excellent relationships with multiple full-service event management services, making us ideally placed to ensure yours goes off without a hitch.

Thanks to our global network Attalus provides a wide range of services anywhere in the world.

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