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We provide clients with a full security detail for their residence, and ensure we deliver an appropriate level of safety while maintaining our minimal-disruption policy, giving our charges peace of mind, but also peace to enjoy their home.

We follow a tried-and-tested process in developing a security plan, but work with each client to make changes to the end result. It works like this:

We conduct an initial threat assessment of the property. Here, we identify weaknesses in three main areas: manpower, physical shortcomings, and technology. From there, we draw up a full strategy, providing experienced professionals to put it into action. They handle the day-to-day control, emergency procedures, and communications round the clock. They’re also on the lookout for any unforeseen change in circumstances that may call for another assessment.

As with any of our services, your peace of mind is paramount to us. We pride ourselves on our expertise, but we’re also proud of our dedication to preserving the lifestyles of our clients. In other words, we think about security so you don’t have to.

Interested in discussing your property’s security measures?

Thanks to our global network Attalus provides a wide range of services anywhere in the world.

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