Attalus Attalus

Our Global Reach

With over a decade of experience serving clients around the world, we’ve built a reputation as a security provider without borders. We can offer a full line of services wherever, and whenever you need them.

Our Core Values

Providing a service that ensures client satisfaction requires a core philosophy;
a set of ideas that governs who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We strive for:


‘Good enough’ is the enemy of ‘great’. Through constantly meeting the individual needs of our clients, we maintain standards that lead the industry, ensuring repeat and future business.


We come to work because we’re passionate about providing a service that makes us proud. There’s a famous quote; “Allow your Passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession’’ – we think they’re words to live by.


Coming from a military background, we know a thing or two about loyalty. We’re trusted by our clients to maintain absolute confidentiality and discretion, and it’s a trust we’ve never broken.


In this business, if there’s no teamwork, there’s no work. It’s as simple as that. We make use of the skills of each of our team, built up over years in diverse backgrounds and locales.

Bespoke Service

We understand each client comes with different personalities, schedules, and ultimately, needs. That’s why we tailor our service around each of them, ensuring minimal disruption.

Comprehensive Capabilities

We’re a security provider first and foremost, but we also pride ourselves on the complete nature of our service. Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier, so we also offer a full concierge desk, wherever your business takes you.


We’re veterans of the industry and various military branches, so we understand the importance of appearance. We maintain high grooming and appearance standards, making us the epitome of understated efficiency and ability.

Thanks to our global network Attalus provides a wide range of services anywhere in the world.

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